Convolutional neural network hyperparameters for face emotion recognition using genetic algorithm

Muhammad Sam'an, Safuan Safuan, Muhammad Munsarif


The development of artificial intelligence in facial emotion recognition (FER) is rapidly growing and has been widely applied in various fields. Deep learning (DL) techniques with evolutionary algorithms have become the preferred choice for solving various security, health, gaming, and other related problems. This research proposes the use of a genetic algorithm (GA) as the main method to optimize hyperparameters in the convolutional neural network (CNN) model for FER. The required computation time is approximately 37 hours 57 minutes 55 seconds, with generation 3 taking the longest time at around 16 hours 45 minutes 4 seconds. However, generation 3 achieved an accuracy of 76.11%, which is the highest compared to other generations. The results indicate that the more generations are involved, the higher the achievable accuracy. Furthermore, the proposed CNN-GA model in this study outperforms previous models that have been examined. Thus, this study makes a significant contribution to improving the understanding of using GAs to optimize the performance of CNN models for FER.


Convolution neural networks; Deep learning; Face emotion recognition; Genetic algorithms; Hyperparameter optimization

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