Optimizing ant colony system algorithm with rule-based data classification for smart aquaculture

Mohd Mizan Munif, Husna Jamal Abdul Nasir, Muhammad Imran Ahmad


Aquaculture is one of many industries where the use of artificial intelligence (AI) techniques has increased dramatically in recent years. Internet of things (IoT), AI, and big data are just a few of the technologies being used in smart aquaculture to increase productivity, efficiency, and system sustainability of aquaculture systems. Data classification, which involves finding patterns and relationships in huge datasets, is one of the most important tasks in smart aquaculture. The ant colony system (ACS) has been used to solve a number of optimization issues, including data classification. To provide a more practical and successful solution, this study proposes an improved ACS algorithm for rule-based data classification in smart aquaculture. The proposed algorithm combines the advantages of ACS and rule-based classification to optimize the number of rules and accuracy. The experimental results showed that the proposed algorithm outperformed the traditional AntMiner algorithm in terms of the number of rules and accuracy. The improved pheromone update technique could potentially increase data classification accuracy and convergence in smart aquaculture systems.


Ant colony system; Classification rules; Data classification; Smart aquaculture; Water quality

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DOI: http://doi.org/10.11591/ijeecs.v33.i1.pp261-268


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