Forecasting water quality through machine learning and hyperparameter optimization

Elvin Elvin, Antoni Wibowo


Forecasting water quality through machine learning and hyperparameter optimization is a research endeavor aimed at enhancing the water quality prediction process. The primary goal of this study is to employ various machine learning algorithms for water quality prediction and to refine existing models from previous research. The paper encompasses a comprehensive literature review of previous water quality prediction studies and introduces novel theoretical insights. The research employs a classic machine learning problem-solving approach, predominantly utilizing the extreme gradient boost (XGBoost) algorithm. Additionally, it evaluates other machine learning algorithms, including the random forest (RF) classifier, decision tree (DT) classifier, adaptive boosting (AdaBoost) classifier, support vector machine (SVM), Naïve Bayes, and extra tree classifier for comparison. The evaluation process utilizes a classification report, providing insights into the precision, recall, f1-score, and accuracy of each machine learning model. Notably, the XGBoost model exhibits superior performance, achieving an impressive 97.06% accuracy. Precision stands at 94.22%, recall at 81.5%, and F1-score at 87.4%. These results represent a significant advancement over prior water quality prediction models, emphasizing the potential of machine learning and hyperparameter optimization to enhance water quality forecasting in environmental monitoring.


Classification report; Hyperparameter tuning; Machine learning; Python; Water quality

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