Rhinitis phototherapy prototype with timer based on light energy

Erika Loniza, Mita Junita, Yessi Jusman, Siti Nurul Aqmariah Mohd Kanafiah, Kurnia Chairunnisa


The set of timers in using phototherapy is major problem which has to be resolved to get a good performance of rhinitis phototherapy. This research aims to develop a prototype of phototherapy for allergic rhinitis, incorporating a timer based on light energy. The prototype utilizes a laser diode as a visible light source, specifically with a wavelength of 650 nm. The recommended safe and effective dose of light energy ranges from 1 to 10 Joules, which has been converted into minutes. Measurement tests indicate an average wavelength of 652.40 nm for the right laser, with a measurement uncertainty of ±0.11, and 653.23 nm for the left laser, with a measurement uncertainty of ±0.05. The laser diode source has an average voltage of 1.91 volts and an average current of 1.89 milliamperes, with a measurement uncertainty of ±0.00 and ±0.01, respectively. Additionally, the average discrepancy in the timer is 0.082 minutes for the 10-minute setting and 0.082 minutes for the 20-minute setting. These results confirm the effectiveness and suitability of the developed tool for practical use. The proposed method was useful for rhinitis therapy by using light energy.


Allergic Rhinitis; Laser Diodes; Light Energy; Teraphy; Wavelength.

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DOI: http://doi.org/10.11591/ijeecs.v34.i2.pp861-869


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