Quality of services in software defined networking: challenges and controller placement problems

Siham Aouad, Issam El meghrouni, Yassine Sabri, Adil Hilmani, Abderrahim Maizate


Quality of service (QoS) is pivotal for ensuring effective and reliable network performance, yet achieving end-to-end QoS within current network architectures remains a persistent challenge. The emergence of software defined networking (SDN) addresses limitations in traditional networking by offering a centralized control plane. This allows dynamic resource management and efficient enforcement of QoS policies by network administrators. However, the controller placement problem (CPP) within SDN poses a significant challenge, as identifying the optimal placement of controllers is a non-deterministic polynomial-time hardness (NP-hard) problem. Researchers are actively working on solutions to address this challenge, especially in large-scale networks where deploying controllers becomes complex. Additionally, maintaining QoS in terms of controller management presents another hurdle. This paper explores these challenges, delving into the literature and providing a comprehensive analysis of controller performance metrics related to QoS parameters such as load balancing, reliability, consistency, and scalability. By addressing these challenges, the research aims to enhance QoS within the SDN framework.


Controller; Inconsistency; Load balancing; Quality of service; Scalability; Software defined networking

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DOI: http://doi.org/10.11591/ijeecs.v33.i2.pp951-959


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