Performance improvement in photovoltaic-grid system using genetic algorithm

Rangasamy Sankar, Durairaj Chandrakala, Rengaraj Hema, Dakshnamurthy Padmapriya


In recent, photov oltaic (PV) power generation has increased in importance. The growing significance of PV power production has generated the demand for enhancing energy efficiency via continuous operation at the maximum power point (MPP). To enable effective MPP trac king, the suggested system integrates a proportional - integral (PI) controller with the p erturb and observe (P&O) technique. In order to improve performance in a PV grid system, this work provides a unique method using a proportional - integral - derivative (PI D) controller optimized using a genetic algorithm (GA). The proposed controller architecture integrates the GA algorithm with a PID controller in the voltage source inverter (VSI) of the PV system. To enable effective grid integration, the GA is used to co ntinually optimize the PID controller settings. The converter’ s design criteria and computations are discussed, and MATLAB simulations are used to assess the system’ s performance. Compared to traditional PID controllers, the observed findings show increas ed efficiency, cheaper cost, and enhanced controllability. The suggested GA - PID controller offers opportunities for more study and development in this area while showing potential for improving PV grid system performance.


Boost converter; Geneticalgorithm; Grid system; Perturb and observe algorithm; Photovoltaic array; Proportional integral derivativecontroller; Renewable energy

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