Biomedical signal compression using deep learning based multi-task compressed sensing

Shruthi Khadri, Naveen K Bhoganna, Madam Aravind Kumar


Real-time transmission of biomedical signals is immensely challenging and requires cloud and internet of things (IoT) infrastructure. Security is also an important factor; however, to accomplish this, a reconstruction method is developed in which the entire signal is supplied as an input, the primary portion is considered here, and the signal is further encoded and transmitted to the destination. Electrocardiogram (ECG) compression for the lightweight wireless network is quite challenging for long-term healthcare monitoring. Compressed sensing (CS) involves efficient encoding mechanisms for error rate estimation for reconstruction and energy consumption for wireless transmission of data. We propose a multi-task compressed sensing (MT-CS) reconstruction mechanism in this study for ECG compression of data is most chosen for a wireless network system that has various sensors embedded in it. This model further extracts the essential adaptive features for correlation existing in the ECG signals. The performance of the proposed MT-CS reconstruction mechanism is evaluated on the multiparameter intelligent monitoring in intensive care (MIMIC-II) dataset, which ensures its robustness and generalization. The results obtained upon simulation ensure that the proposed MT-CS based reconstruction approach ensures excellent reconstruction signal with fewer measurements in comparison with the existing state-of-art CS techniques.


Generalization; MIMIC-II; Multi-task compressed sensing; Reconstruction; Robustness

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