Cascaded H-bridge multilevel inverter-based DSTATCOM with an artificial neural fuzzy inference systembased controller

Kalagotla Chenchireddy, Varghese Jegathesan


In this paper, a voltage source inverter is utilized as a distributed static compensator (DSTATCOM). The DSTATCOM is used for the elimination of harmonics caused by the nonlinear load. The reference currents of DSTATCOM were estimated with a synchronous reference frame (SRF). Conventionally, the SRF uses voltage, load current and filter current to compute the reference current to track desired source current for DSTATCOM. The sliding mode controller and feedback linearization are used to design the current controller. The feedback linearization technique and sliding mode control are used to cancel nonlinearities and offer invariant stability due to modeling uncertainties due to the DSTATCOM parameter and external load disturbance. The sliding mode controller requires a rigorous mathematical model of the system. To overcome this, an artificial neuro-fuzzy inference system (ANFIS) is devised for the control of DSTATCOM. The training data of the ANFIS controller is generated from the sliding mode controller algorithm. The overall system of DSTATCOM including the ANFIS algorithm is implemented in MATLAB/Simulink SimPower block sets. The simulated response of DSTATCOM was found to be improved and better than the sliding mode controller scheme.


ANFIS; Cascaded H-bridge MLI; Distributed static compensator; Harmonics; Synchronous reference frame;

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