A survey on deepfake video detection datasets

Md Fahimuzzman Sohan, Md Solaiman, Md Aumit Hasan


Deepfake video has usefulness in entertainment and multimedia technology, however, the danger of deepfake is significant to the social, economical, and political sectors so far. Specifically, to diverge any public opinion by generating fake news and spreading misleading information, national security may be under risk due to misrepresenting statements given by political leaders. The creation of such manipulated videos are getting easier day by day and at the same time it is necessary to detect and prevent them. In order to do that, researchers are creating challenging fake video databases for artificial intelligence (AI) based detection models to contribute to the research. This paper reviewed the existing deepfake video detection datasets available online and used in the previous research articles. We analyzed the literature from two different perspectives, datasets and detection models. The goal of this study is to introduce all publicly available datasets in this field including the discussion of techniques used to generate the data. In addition to our contribution, we showed a result comparison among different deepfake datasets and discussed the findings.


Datasets; Deep learning; Deepfake detection; Deepfakes video; Survey

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DOI: http://doi.org/10.11591/ijeecs.v32.i2.pp1168-1176


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