Power management on DC microgrid with new DC coupling based on fuzzy logic

Adhi Kusmantoro, Irna Farikhah


In DC microgrids, the utilization of renewable energy results in disruptions. This paper proposes coordinated control of multiple batteries using a fuzzy logic controller (FLC). The goal is to regulate the voltage and power on the DC microgrid. Method used with a modified DC coupling configuration. The proposed new DC coupling topology uses 2 photovoltaic (PV) arrays. Part of the PV array output will be stored in the battery, and part will be provided to the DC bus. Apart from being connected to the DC bus, PV array1 (PV-A1) and PV array2 (PV-A2) are also connected to battery 1 (B1) and battery 2 (B2) via a buck converter. Instead, battery 3 (B3) is connected to the public grid source. The results of the study show that with FLC the voltage deviation and DC bus power are lower when in comparison to the proportional integral (PI) controller. As well, voltage on the DC bus response time with FLC produces a settling time of 0.5 seconds and an overshoot of 0.5%, while the PI controller produces a settling time of 1.15 seconds with an overshoot of 27.6%.


DC microgrid; DC-coupling; Multi-battery; Power management; Photovoltaic array

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DOI: http://doi.org/10.11591/ijeecs.v32.i2.pp620-631


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