Arabic cyberbullying detecting using ensemble deep learning technique

Mohammed Shihab Ahmed, Saif Muhannad Maher, Mokhalad Eesee Khudhur


There has been a huge growth in recent years interest in studies on abusive language and cyberbullying detection due to its effects on both individual victims and societies. Hate speech, bullying, racism, aggressive content, harassment and other forms of abuse have all significantly increased as a result of Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms (SMPs). Since there is a significant need to detect, control, and prohibit the circulation of offensive content on social networking sites, we undertook this study to automate the identification of abusive language or cyberbullying. Arabic data set is balanced and will be used in the offensive detection process. Recently, ensemble machine learning has been used to increase the effectiveness of categorization models. Arabic detection is more precise given that each spatial feature text can make references to every other contextual piece of information. The authors utilized a model that merged convolutional neural network (CNN) with bidirectional long short-term memory (Bi-LSTM) and inverse document frequency gated recurrent unit (GRU) in a hybrid fashion without any post-processing. Our work outperformed every other publicly released cutting-edge ensemble model in the specifications of the official deep learning challenge. The findings indicate that the three-layer inverse document frequency long short-term memory (LSTM) classifier surpassed other classifiers in accuracy with a score of 92.75% compared to different algorithms.


Deep learning; Feature extraction; Long short-term memory; Term frequency inverse document frequency

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