Local image fitting-based active contour for vector-valued images

Akmal Shafiq Badarul Azam, Abdul Kadir Jumaat, Mohd Azdi Maasar, Mohamed Faris Laham, Normahirah Nek Abd Rahman


Variational active contour seeks to segment or extract desired object boundaries for further analysis. The model can be divided into global segmentation and selective segmentation. Selective segmentation, which focuses on segmenting a particular object, is preferable to the global model. Recently, a number of selective segmentation models have been developed to precisely extract an object on grayscale images. Nevertheless, if the input image is vector-valued (colour), these models merely convert it to a grayscale image, resulting in data loss owing to the reduction in image dimension. Furthermore, they may have poor segmentation performance due to the intensity inhomogeneous images. Therefore, a new model on variational selective active contour for segmenting vector-valued images has been proposed that incorporates the concepts of local image fitting and distance-based fitting terms into a variational minimization energy functional. Moreover, a Gaussian function was used as a regularizer to replace the computationally expensive Total Variation term. Then, the proposed model’s Euler Lagrange equation has been provided to solve the model. When segmenting an object in inhomogeneous intensity images, the result of the proposed model was about 30% more accurate based on the Jaccard value and about 3 times faster than other existing methods.


Active contour; Intensity inhomogeneous image; Selective image segmentation; Variational level set; Vector-valued images

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DOI: http://doi.org/10.11591/ijeecs.v32.i1.pp227-235


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