User perception of a developed GCash cash-in and cash-out machine in the Philippines

Mark Joseph B. Enojas, Jane E. Morgado, Hohn Lois Bongao, Ruem G. Arribas, Cedithlyn Damiles, Karil Jan Zyra N. Talon, Lorie May M. Turallo


The use of cashless credits in the Philippines has grown since the pandemic has begun. However, the transitions to these changes using cashless transactions have to be addressed. Kiosks and other machines that offer cash-in have been significant, but a model that does not use transactions through banks can be possible which can offer both cash-in and cash-out transactions. In this paper, a developed machine that caters both GCash cash-in and cash-out has been evaluated based on users’ perception on functionality, acceptability, and usefulness. The machine is built with a graphical user interface (GUI) which is a programmed touch screen monitor, bill acceptor, and bills and coins dispenser. The functionality based on the 50 users’ perceptions resulted in 94% excellent in loading bills, 92% accuracy on receiving the cash-in amount less the charges, 92% in dispensing bills less the charges, and 72% faster than the usual speed of transaction. All the respondents agreed that the machine is very convenient and user-friendly, while 94% said that it is very useful and they wanted it in their area. The results suggest that the machine be deployed for public use and be reproduced.


Cash-in; Cashless money transaction; Cash-out; Human-to-machine interface; Vending machine

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