Economic flexible AC transmission system devices placement/sizing with (N-1) contingency using genetic algorithm

Tanuja Koppa Shankaregowda, Shankaralingappa Channappa Byalihal


The rise in demand for electricity and the high cost of constructing new power networks reckons optimal utilization of electric power overloading and excessive power transfer along transmission lines, high losses, voltage instability, poor power quality, reliability issues. Flexible AC transmission system (FACTS) boosts the static and dynamic performance of power systems. Although efficient power transmission by improving power quality and voltage profile enhancement is controlled using the FACTS devices the placement, types, and sizing are important parameters to be optimized for the power system. This paper develops the economic multiple FACT placements and sizing solution during N-1 contingency conditions. Placement and sizing being the stochastic problem meta-heuristic algorithm genetic algorithm (GA) is used and applied on the standard IEEE 9 bus system. MATLAB-based simulation is developed for economic placement of multiple FACTS and single FACTS devices in different scenarios (without FACTS devices, with single FACTS devices, and with multiple FACTS devices). Both static VAR compensators (SVC) and thyristor-controlled series capacitors (TCSC) are used (either single or multiple) to optimize the transmission loss and total cost. The results show that transmission loss and cost reduction with 70% compensation is working better with about 0.1 MW lesser loss in many cases.


Genetic algorithm; N-1 contingency; Optimal placement; Static VAR compensators; TCSC

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