Transformation to a smart factory using NodeMCU with Blynk platform

Maryam Abdulhakeem Hailan, Baraa Munqith Albaker, Muwafaq Shyaa Alwan


Incorporating internet of things (IoT) in industrial systems prompted the development of industrial internet of things (IIoT) systems, which in turn enable the automation of intelligent devices to gather, analyze, and transmit data from industrial systems in real-time. This paper develops a low-cost and smart industrial remote monitoring and control system based on NodeMCU microcontrollers and Blynk server platform. It is deployed to remotely monitor manufacturer's environment and industrial equipment and control them autonomously. Also, it protects the manufacturer's employees from fire catastrophe by warning them using a buzzer and notification. The system comprises two main parts, sensing and actuation. The sensing part consists of three subsystems that measure temperature and humidity, water flow, and flame. The actuation part consists of a water pump, light, and fan. A powerful user interface is developed based on the Blynk platform. The proposed system controls the water pump by sensing water flow autonomously. In addition, based on a fire detected, a protection system is implemented to shut down the electricity from load in case of fire event occurs. Several testing scenarios were carried on to check the response of the system, and the result shows successful implementation of the proposal to handle different situations.


Blynk platform; Industrial internet of things; Internet of things; NodeMcu; Smart manufacturer

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