Virtual machine tree task scheduling for load balancing in cloud computing

Santosh Kummar Maurya, Suraj Malik, Neeraj Kumar


The increasing number of publications towards cloud computing proves that much research and development has been done, especially for task scheduling. Organizations are eager to get more customized technology to run the most smoothly in the provision of visual cloud services for fruity users. As the circumstances of Covid indicate to technology that everyone should run digitally, the workload on machines increased. For workload solutions, organizations are trying to balance the situation with the successful operation of cloud services to use appropriate services/resources. Nevertheless, the issues are still to be resolved by researchers, so we respect all my friends who are putting a lot of effort into developing new techniques. A proposed paper is showing a new collation with the load balancing factor by implementing quality of service (QoS) and virtual machine tree (VMT). A CloudSim toolkit will then be used to compare them. A tree structure graph is included in the VMT algorithm to schedule tasks with the appropriate distribution on each machine. The QoS algorithm performs the task of scheduling based on the service required by the user with the best quality and satisfies the user.


Cloud computing; Load balancing; Quality of service; Task scheduling; Virtual machine tree

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