Brain signals analysis for sleep stages detection using virtual instrumentation platform

Abdeljalil El Hadiri, Lhoussain Bahatti, Abdelmounime El Magri, Rachid Lajouad


This paper discusses the use of the Laboratory Virtual Instrumentation Engineering Workbench (LabVIEW) software tool for analyzing brain waveforms (i.e EEG: electroencephalogram) to study sleep stages such as deep sleep, light sleep and so on. The used EEG signals are generated in order to span all sleeping phases. Indeed, a mandatory step of signal processing has been performed, such as sampling, filtering and features extraction. This analysis is carried out with the LabVIEW program, which is a popular virtual instrumentation platform. The EEG signals used in the analysis were obtained from an open-source database and went through several steps, including noise removal, classification and feature extraction. To extract the feature, different filters are employed and the outputs of all filters are compared, leading to a sleep level detection. The simulation results show clearly the performances of this analysis.


Electroencephalogram; LabVIEW; Real time; Signal processing; Sleep detection

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