Research on secure workload execution scheme in heterogeneous cloud environment

Fairoz Pasha, Jayapandian Natarajan


The increasing demand for the hardware, software and infrastructure is playing a big role in the information technology domain towards the need of customer’s specific requirements. Cloud computing is a major backbone for providing such services over the internet. It includes the services such as applications, storage, network, scalability, sharing, virtualization, confidentiality, security, authentication, and integrity. A large number of data intensive workflow applications uses heterogeneous cloud environment for communication and computation operation. An intruder/attacker will utilize these environments for their benefit by flooding malicious links, unwanted information and others. In cloud environment, detecting a malicious device/packet during workflow execution is a critical and challenging task. The various workflow method with security, service level agreement (SLA) and quality of service (QoS) have been modelled in recent time; However, these models are not efficient in detecting malicious users and maintaining high level of QoS or workflow applications. This article focus is on addressing research future direction, issues and challenges of work in meeting secure and efficient workflow execution model for heterogeneous cloud environment.


Cloud computing; Scientific workflow; Task-scheduling; Virtualization; Workflow scheduling

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