Mathematical and computer simulation of particle redistribution and inertial swarming in dispersed systems

Bakhtiyar Rashidovich Ismailov, Leyla Mukhamedjanovna Musabekova, Zhanat Rysbayevna Umarova, Khairulla Bakhtiyarovich Ismailov, Kuttybek Arystanbayev


This work is devoted to modeling the motion of a dispersed phase in a gas flow in two cases: i) the dynamic characteristics of the gas flow (velocity components, stream functions and vorticity, ii) are found by numerically solving the Navier-Stokes equations with the subsequent construction of the droplet trajectory; study of the coalescence of droplets in a given model gas flow with analysis of the swarming of dispersed particles. In the first approach, the size and location of vortex and stagnant zones in a channel with a streamlined plate and with a turning flow are determined by numerically solving the equations of gas dynamics in Helmholtz variables. To study the coalescence of drops that occurs when the trajectories of two or more drops come into contact, a second approach has been developed-a computer model of inertial swarming in dispersed systems using the Delphi10 programming environment based on stochastic lattice algorithms and computable lattice enlargement. This approach is needed to pre-define the media flow rate profile. Also in this article, were analyzed the grouping and redistribution of particles for the manifestation of the "swarm of drops" effect.


Aggregation algorithm; Computer simulation; Droplet; Mathematical model; Stochastic lattices; Swarming model

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