Cloud computing: an efficient load balancing and scheduling of task method using a hybrid optimization algorithm

Ravinder Ravinder, Naresh Vurukonda


The cloud computing trend on the internet is vital as it allows data and applications to be managed over the internet instead of requiring personal devices. The job of users is scheduled in the resources of the cloud in order to improve performance. Schedu ling tasks is an non - deterministic polynomial (NP) - hard problem, as it may have multiple solutions. Various researchers have proposed different load balancing and job scheduling algorithms to optimize the scheduling process in cloud environments, each with disadvantages. Therefore, this research proposes a novel hybrid load balancing and scheduling of tasks by the whale optimization algo rithm (WOA) and seagull optimization algorithm (SOA) in the cloud. This hybrid proposed whale - seagull optimization algorithm (WSOA) optimizes task scheduling in the cloud b y reducing processing time, response, and execution time, maximizing central processing unit (CPU) utilization, memory utilization, throughput, reliability, and balancing the load. The algorithm is simulated using the CloudSim toolkit package. As compared with existing approaches, simulation results showed better performance in terms of response time, processing time, execution time, CPU utilization, memory utilization, throughput, and reliability and is analyzed by comparing with the harries hawks optimiza tion (HHO), hybrid dragonfly and firefly algorithm (ADA), spider monkey algorithm (SMA) and bird swarm optimization (BSO).


Balancing approach; Cloud computing; Memory consumption; Resource utilization; Simulation efficiency

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