Requirement engineering problems impacting the quality of software in Sub-Saharan Africa

Andrew Quansah, Asiamah Emmanuel, Bright Kyeremateng, Esther Ntow Kesse


Poor software quality has led to tremendous financial losses, necessitating the goal of this study. This study aimed to find out the major cause of poor quality of software and propose solutions to mitigate the problem. Histogram analysis was conducted using data from software development firms’ online applications used to track all defects and issues for each project, which are logged under a unique project ID. The requirement engineering stage was found to produce the most problems that directly or indirectly impact software quality. The capability maturity model integration, prototyping, ISO 9001, Walkthroughs, and Formal Inspections were proposed as solutions that could be used to mitigate the software quality problems that arise from the requirement engineering stage in the software development life cycle.


Formal inspections; Requirement engineering; Software development life cycle; Software engineering; Software quality

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