Social spider optimization algorithm-based energy management of photovoltaic powered textile industry

Preetha Pujar Somashekharappa, Ashok Kusagur


The competitive nature of business, especially in the production industries like the textile industry, increases the importance of the economic operation of the production setup. Energy management is one important tool that supports the economic operation of any industry. This paper attempts to develop an optimized energy management algorithm using Social Spider optimization in a textile industry environment. Energy management for one full day is analyzedin the environment, considering fixed, shift-able, and uninterruptible loads for energy management implementation. The benefit of implementing photovoltaic power on the premises is discussed with an appropriate calculation. The results are compared with the bat algorithm and the ant lion algorithm. MATLAB 2017b is used to program the concept.


Ant-lion algorithm; Bat algorithm; Energy management; Social spider optimization algorithm; Textile industry

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