Early disease prediction algorithm for hypertension-based diseases using data aware algorithms

Yasmeen Shaikh, Vasudev Parvati, Sangappa Ramachandra Biradar


This paper implements a data aware early prediction of hypertension-based diseases. Automated data preprocessing method that adopts for both balanced and unbalanced data is the data aware method included in the disease classification algorithm. Proposed data aware data preprocessing method is evaluated on the ensemble learning based classification algorithm for early disease prediction. Data aware preprocessing method adopts isolation forest algorithm for outlier detection as part of the automation. Automated sampling method of applying the sampling corresponding to either balanced or unbalanced data is adopted. Performance evaluation of the proposed data aware algorithm using isolation forest algorithm for anomaly detection is experimented. Python based implementation of the proposed data aware classification algorithm inferred a better area under the curve (AUC) receiver operating characteristics (ROC) curve for isolation forest implementation in data preprocessing automation thus developed. While the individual classifiers multilayer perceptron classifier approached till 0.918 (AUC) in the ROC-AUC curve. The ensemble learning algorithm that included multilayer perceptron classifier, logistic regression classifier, support vector classifier and decision tree algorithm with the isolation forest-based anomaly detection algorithm performed better than the individual machine learning algorithm with 0.922 (AUC) in the ROC-AUC curve.


Early disease detection; Ensemble learning; Extended isolation forest; Hypertension; Voting ensemble learning;

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DOI: http://doi.org/10.11591/ijeecs.v27.i2.pp1100-1108


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