Markov random field model and expectation of maximization for images segmentation

Lalaoui Lahouaoui, Djaalab Abdelhak


Image segmentation is a significant issue in image processing. Among the various models and approaches that have been developed, some are commonly used the Markov Random Field (MRF) model, statistical techniques (MRF). In this study a Markov random field proposed is based on an EM Modified (EMM) model. In this paper, The local optimization is based on a modified Expectation-Maximization (EM) method for parameter estimation and the ICM method for finding the solution given a fixed set of these parameters. To select the combination strategy, it is necessary to carry out a comparative study to find the best result. The effectiveness of our proposed methods has been proven by experimentation. We have applied this segmented algorithm to different types of images, exhibiting the algorithm's image segmentation strength with its best values criteria for EM statics and other methods.


Criteria evaluation; EM methods; ICM algorithm; Image segmentation; Markov random fields

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