An overview of number theory research unit variant development security

Saba Alaa Abdulwahhab, Qasim Mohammed Hussein, Imad Fakhri Al-Shaikhli


Number theory research unit (NTRU) become the most important of securi-ty in recent, with its modification of their variant, this paper search of the literature and A number of studies have examined the in public key variant development and security. In general, prior work is limited to a subset of public key increasing complexity but the benefits of speed up encryption/ decryption have not been fully established. So this paper will be the basis for those who want to develop and find proposed solutions for new studies of the NTRU algorithm. This paper aims to develop a framework to investigate the NTRU development, had been discovered that despite its development over the years and even its acceptance in round three of post quantum cryptograph, then found that limit study in the new scope of quantum facility and the ability of hybrid of new study.


Cryptography; NIST; NTRU; Post-quantum; Quantum

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