Adaptation of powerline communications-based smart metering deployments with IoT cloud platform

Shaimaa Mudhafar Hashim, Israa Bader Al-Mashhadani


The necessity of energy management and optimization through smart devices has an essential role in sustainable energy. Smart grid features and cutting-edge technologies are progressively integrated into traditional electricity networks. One of these features is the interference between power line communications and IoT. The introduction and deployment of these grids are mainly focused on the development of the field of smart metering. A new proposed module for smart meter design within the existing infrastructure grid system using power line communication (PLC) is presented. The system will include a transmitter with a microcontroller (MCU) and numerous sensors, as well as communication channels that include PLC and an in-house powerline network, and a receiver with an MCU. The suggested system interacts with the IoT system, characterized by a free web interface showing the data directly in real-time. Based on real-world experience, this paper develops guidelines for various aspects of PLC Smart Metering network deployment via the cloud environment. The practical result of packet losses is about 0, 1, or 2 characters of received data, and the time difference between transmitter and receiver is about 5000 milliseconds for a fixed transmission line.


Arduino; Power line communication; Sensor; Smart Meter; ThingSpeak

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