Smart-geofencing for system of reporting inadequate regional infrastructure using crossing and winding number

Puspa Miladin Nuraida Safitri A. Basid, Fresy Nugroho


Infrastructure is a major factor in increasing regional productivity and become the center of economic growth. problems arise when infrastructure improvements are only centered on downtown areas. One of the ways to develop regional infrastructure is with media reporting inadequate infrastructure. The use of smartphone technology and geofencing techniques are considered to be helpful in reporting media. Increasingly sophisticated built-in features in smartphones are undeniable proof of the technology’s highly impressive advancement. Mobile applications utilizing location-based services (LBS) assisted by a global positioning systems (GPS) sensor are rapidly becoming popular. One of its most-favorited features is geofencing. The volunteered-geographic-information (VGI)-based reporting system for regional infrastructure damage uses this feature to obtain the data input directly from the users. In this current research, the author uses two methods in geofencing, including crossing number (CN) and winding number (WN). Several previous studies suggest that the combination of these methods might result in faster computation, compared to the raycasting method. By using winding and crossing number methods, 98% of increased accuracy can be obtained, while a prior method could only obtain 96%. An improvement in the system’s speed is also expected.


Crossing number; Geofencing; Raycasting; Volunteered-geographic-information; Winding number;

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