Cancerous brain tumor detection using hybrid deep learning framework

Sonali Kothari, Shwetambari Chiwhane, Shruti Jain, Malti Baghel


Computational models based on deep learning (DL) algorithms have multiple processing layers representing data at multiple levels of abstraction. Deep learning has exploded in popularity in recent years, particularly in medical image processing, medical image analysis, and bioinformatics. As a result, deep learning has effectively modified and strengthened the means of identification, prediction, and diagnosis in several healthcare fields, including pathology, brain tumours, lung cancer, the abdomen, cardiac, and retina. In general, brain tumours are among the most common and aggressive malignant tumour diseases, with a limited life span if diagnosed at a higher grade. After identifying the tumour, brain tumour grading is a crucial step in evaluating a successful treatment strategy. This research aims to propose a cancerous brain tumor detection and classification using deep learning. In this paper, numerous soft computing techniques and a deep learning model to summarise the pathophysiology of brain cancer, imaging modalities for brain cancer, and automated computer-assisted methods for brain cancer characterization is used. In the sense of machine learning and the deep learning model, paper has highlighted the association between brain cancer and other brain disorders such as epilepsy, stroke, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, and Wilson's disease, leukoaraiosis, and other neurological disorders.


Cancerous brain tumor detection; Convolutional neural network; Deep CNN; Fully CNN; Probabilistic NN; Region-based CNN;

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