Single current sensor based fault tolerant control of interior permanent magnet synchronous machine for drive applications

Sankhadip Saha, Urmila Kar


This paper presents an integrated method for current sensor fault detection and fault tolerant control (FTC) for traction interior permanent magnet synchronous motor (IPMSM). The proposed current sensor fault detection method is based on detecting changes in the d-q axis current. The FTC is based on d-q axis current estimation from the reference d-q axis current and the phase current measured by the surviving current sensor. The current estimation process is independent of machine parameters. Hence the estimation is robust and requires less computational cost. The effectiveness of the FTC method is verified by the transient analysis. Such FTC is suitable for electric vehicle traction applications to ensure non-stop control operation of the drive in the entire range of speed. The efficacy of the proposed FTC method is tested through extensive simulations in MATLAB/Simulink environment. The real-time applicability of the proposed FTC method using the cost-effective digital signal processor (DSP) is verified on Texas Instruments© TMSF28379D through the processor in loop (PIL) simulation model.


Current sensor; Electric Vehicle; Fault-tolerant control; Field-oriented control; Interior permanent magnet synchronous machine

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