Joint polar with physical layer network coding and massive MIMO: performance analysis

Alza Abduljabbar Mahmood, Abdulkareem Abdulrahman Kadhim


Large spectral efficiency, reliability, coverage, and energy efficiency are all major requirements to meet the targets of fifth-generation (5G) and beyond communication networks. The transmitted signal is usually susceptible to errors that reduced reliability and throughput of the system. Physical layer network coding (PLNC) is a promising technology to achieve better throughput, low latency, and high transmission rate. This paper considers the combination of PLNC with polar coding using massive multi-input multi-output (MIMO) system to enhance the transmission reliability by reducing the bit error rate (BER) and improve system reliability. This arrangement is investigated in two-way wireless relay transmission over millimetre wave (mmWave) band channel model. The results of the extensive simulation tests demonstrated improvements in throughput and BER achieved using polar code with PLNC and a sufficient number of antenna elements in the mMIMO system. The BER performance of polar-coded PLNC arrangement outperformed PLNC without coding for 128 and 256 receiving antenna elements in the relay node regardless the number of antenna elements in the user equipment side. The tests showed that the combination of the polar code with PLNC and MIMO system is not encouraging at low Signal-to-noise ratio (SNR).


Massive MIMO; Millimeter wave channel; Physical layer network coding; Polar coding; Two-way relay node;

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