Data storage model in low-cost mobile applications

I Made Sukarsa, I Kadek Ari Melinia Antara, Putu Wira Buana, I Putu Agung Bayupati, Ni Wayan Wisswani, Dina Wahyuni Puteri


Mobile applications that have data transactions between users require a database relational database management system (RDBMS) and RESTful API operating on the hosting service so that all users can access the data. Renting a hosting service is not cheap and creating a RESTful API takes plenty of time. As an alternative to hosting, a free version of the Cloud Firestore service gives full access rights to the database and has an application programming interface (API) to manage data or access data. However, the free version of Cloud Firestore has limitations in terms of storage capacity, read, write, and delete processes. Therefore, redesigning process of the database was carried out into a low-cost version of the database model consisting of SQLite database and a low-cost version of the NoSQL database to overcome this problem. The goal is to reduce storage space usage and read, write, and delete processing on Cloud Firestore. The low-cost version of the database was tested with 6,030 data. The results obtained were savings of 47.27% storage usage, 83.08% write usage, 91.26% read process usage, and 83.19% delete process usage compared to the test results of the relational database model.


Cloud firestore ; Database; Hosting; Low cost; NoSQL; SQLite

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