Design smart hospital system based on cloud computing

Suhair Hussein Talib, Laith Ali Abdul-Rahaim, Ali Jawad Alrubaie, Israa Mohammed Raseed


Smart healthcare is a program that provides services to patients and healthcare assistants at any time, it is used smartly with cloud computing. A smart mobile device can collect data from a wide range of receiving sets (Wi-Fi and cloud), underwired sensors, the internet of things (IoT). It permits doctors to monitor and diagnose patients with small embedded devices that are unobtrusive, wireless, lightweight, and capable of detecting, interpreting and communi-cating physiological signs easily in a timely manner without the need for a doctor present. This paper develops integrated smart records and reports and is shared via the cloud. A variety of small devices have been used that detect the object to be sensed and then tell the person monitoring the patient's condition, for example, body and room temperature, oxygen percentage, heart rate). This data is sent to the server via the Internet. To store details and monitor the patient through it. In the event that any error occurs in any of this data, such as a decrease or increase in the normal value, a signal will be sent via Telegram to the phone of the individual monitoring the patient's condition to alert and to take necessary action.


Internet of things; Mobile cloud computing; Sensors; Smart healthcare systems; Wi-Fi and cloud

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