Routing flying Ad Hoc network using salp swarm algorithm

Alaa Ibrahim Mahmood, Omar Ibrahim Alsaif, Ibrahim Ahmed Saleh


An Ad-hoc network is collection of mobile nodes without the necessity of existing any centralized access points. In this paper introduce novel protocol that used to improveAdHoc protocol with salp swarm algorithm to routed flying Ad Hoc Network (FANET) by method of simulation. FANET predicated unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), it designed wireless network has nodes withwith high mobility, actively changing topology and movement in 3D space. The main problem for FANET manner of routing packets among managed nodes. The new protocol based on salp swarm algorithm called “SalpAdHoc” protocol to solve routing problem and less the conjunction, thesimulation results of an experimental study confirming the feasibility of using salp swarm algorithms for routing in FANET are presented.


FANET; Routing; Salp swarm optimization; Self-organizing network; Unmanned aerial vehicles

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