Internet of things search engines: toward a general architecture

Fatima Zahra Fagroud, Lahbib Ajallouda, El Habib Ben Lahmar, Ahmed Zellou, Hicham Toumi, Sanaa El Filali, Youssef Baddi


Internet of things (IoT) represents one of the main data-producing fields on the Internet, given the diversity and growth of smart objects around the world. The advancement of IoT paradigm and the variety of IoT special characteristics present major challenges for IoT search, which attract a great importance by industrials and researchers. Until now, a good deal of research has been focused on the development and implementation of IoT search solutions and tools, though there are still many issues, which must be studied and solved. This paper is interested to IoT search issue and tries to give a guideline to researchers interested in this issue as well as the proposal of a new general architecture for internet of things search engines. The article presents the concept of IoT search engines, a study of various existing solutions and the proposal of a new architecture which is based on 3 components and which respects the various requirements of IoT search engines. The results of this work are prominent as well as they will help researchers to identify future research directions.


Architecture; Crawling; Indexing; Internet of things; IoT search engines; Query

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