Smart agriculture monitoring system for outdoor and hydroponic environments

Bijolin Edwin, Ebenezer Veemaraj, Pradeepa Parthiban, Joseph Pushparaj Devarajan, Vargheese Mariadhas, Ahila Arumuga Nainar, Maheshwar Reddy


Agriculture plays an important role in economic aspects in most countries like India. Numerous problems associated with farming are continuously affecting the actions that are happening in the country. A potential resolution for such issues to be eradicated, one should combine the technological advancements with current ongoing agricultural practices. Good agricultural practice will increase crop productivity and reduce unwanted water usage. Many authors have done research on temperature, nutrition, and pH-controlled systems. But no one concentrated on alert messages sent to the mobile phone. The main objective of the proposed system measures various natural aspects that use a global system for mobile communication (GSM) module that is connected to an Arduino to transfer the data that is obtained by the sensors to an internet of things (IoT) application programming interface (API) which is a kind of cloud computing of obtained data, this data can be analyzed if needed, and an alert short message service (SMS) is sent to the cell phone/mobile phone. The alert message can be done through conversational artificial intelligence (CAI). It is the collection of technologies behind triggering the message that will be sent automatically to the mobile as an SMS if any of the sensor values that are generating are not under already specified threshold values.


Alert messages; Communication; Conversational artificial; Global system for mobile; Intelligence; Internet of things; Smart agriculture

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