Optimal text-to-image synthesis model for generating portrait images using generative adversarial network techniques

Mohammed Berrahal, Mostafa Azizi


The advancements in artificial intelligence research, particularly in computer vision, have led to the development of previously unimaginable applications, such as generating new contents based on text description. In our work we focused on the text-to-image synthesis applications (TIS) field, to transform descriptive sentences into a real image. To tackle this issue, we use unsupervised deep learning networks that can generate high quality images from text descriptions, provided by eyewitnesses to assist law enforcement in their investigations, for the purpose of generating probable human faces. We analyzed a number of existing approaches and chose the best one. Deep fusion generative adversarial networks (DF-GAN) is the network that performs better than its peers, at multiple levels, like the generated image quality or the respect of the giving descriptive text. Our model is trained on the CelebA dataset and text descriptions (generated by our algorithm using existing attributes in the dataset). The obtained results from our implementation show that the learned generative model makes excellent quantitative and visual performances, the model is capable of generating realistic and diverse samples for human faces and create a complete portrait with respect of given text description.


Deep fusion-GAN; Deep learning; Generative adversarial network; Portrait generation; Text-to-image synthesis;

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DOI: http://doi.org/10.11591/ijeecs.v25.i2.pp972-979


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