Analysing corporate social responsibility reports using document clustering and topic modeling techniques

Nik Siti Madihah Nik Mangsor, Syerina Azlin Md Nasir, Wan Fairos Wan Yaacob, Zurina Ismail, Shuzlina Abdul Rahman


Corporate social responsibility (CSR) has become an imperative tool to address challenges and achieve sustainable growth. Realizing its impact to the society, companies are demanded to participate in sustainable development of which poverty eradication is one of it. The CSR practice, to date, is not strategically planned and executed especially when it comes into philanthropic corporate social responsibility (PCSR). This could be due to failure to identify categories of PCSR activities, limiting its effectiveness to achieve the intended outcomes. Thus, document clustering is proposed to be used to automate the pattern identification process. This study has extended document clustering by integrating the traditional document clustering application with topic modeling approach. This integrated approach enables the identification of the PCSR pattern. The analysis involved a three-year data from the annual report of the 25 CSR-award winning companies in Malaysia which involved several steps. Findings from this study revealed seven clusters that represented seven types of PCSR activities performed by the CSR-award winning companies in Malaysia. The findings offer an insight to be considered by companies in strategizing the CSR activities, particularly philanthropic responsibility in ensuring optimum impact to innovatively support the society and contribute towards poverty mitigation.


Annual report; Document clustering; Philanthropic corporate social responsibility; Textual analysis; Topic modeling;

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