Video steganography using 3D distance calculator based on YCbCr color components

Esraa Jaffar Baker, Adil Abbas Majeed, Sundos Abdulameer Alazawi, Shahreen Kasim, Rohayanti Hassan, Noor Hidayah Zakaria, Tole Sutikno


Steganography techniques have taken a major role in the development in the field of transferring multimedia contents and communications. Therefore, field of steganography become interested as the need for security increased significantly. Steganography is a technique to hide information within cover media so that this media does not change significantly. Steganography process in a video is to hide the information from the intruder and prevent him access to that hidden information. This paper presents the algorithm of steganography in the video frames. The proposed algorithm selected the best frames to hide the message in video using 3D distance equation to increasing difficulty onto the intruder to detect and guess the location of the message in the video frames. As well as selected the best frames in this algorithm increased the difficulty and give us the best stego-video quality using structural similarity (SSIM). Also, the hash function was used to generate random positions to hide the message in the lines of video frames. The proposed algorithm evaluated with mean squared error (MSE), peak signalto-noise ratio (PSNR) and SSIM measurement. The results were acceptable and shows that is the difficulty of distinguishing the hidden message in stego-video with the human eye.


3D distance calculator; Hash function; Steganography; Video frames; YCbCr color components;

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