Stabilizing the spatial position of a quadrotor by the backstepping procedure

Dmytro Kucherov, Andrei Kozub, Olha Sushchenko, Ruslan Skrynkovskyy


The paper considers the problem of synthesizing a control law that stabilizes the spatial position of an airborne object. The control object is a quadrotor with nonlinear dynamics. To solve the stabilization problem, a mathematical model of the quadrotor has been developed, taking into account its positionin the Cartesian and Euler coordinate systems. The new control law has been synthesized using the backstepping procedure. This control law is based on the Lyapunov-type stabilization criterion. New results analysis of the quadrotor dynamics, where has been showing the dependence of the control accuracy on the parameter of the stabilization criterion also presented. An algorithm for the directed search of the procedure parameter also has been proposed. It ensures the desired quality of the transient process. Simulation results confirming the results of the oretical research have been presented as well.


Backstepping procedure; Control system; Quadrotor; Spatial position; Stabilizing

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