Design and simulation of cascaded H-bridge multilevel inverter with energy storage

Tan Chee Ting, Zulhani Rasin, Chan Sia Ching


Stand-alone power system provides a solution for the user in rural areas that are disconnected from the utility grid which requires power electronics device for the power conversion. This work proposes a design of 5-level cascaded H-bridge inverter with energy storage to realize DC-AC power conversion for such system. The DC-DC bidirectional converter is designed to control the charging and discharging of current into/from the battery during the buck and boost mode of operation. At the DC side, dual-loop control strategy using PI controllers is designed to control the current and voltage. The inner loop current controller controls the recharging/discharging of current for the battery, while the outer voltage controller controls the DC link voltage at 200 V for each of the H-bridge unit. At the AC side, multiple feedback loop control strategy regulates the inverter output voltage at 240 Vrms under various load change. The modelling and design of the system is implemented under Matlab Simulink environment. From the results, the battery storage unit works well with the DC link voltage to achieve a balance power transfer within the system between the PV source, load and battery storage under variation of PV power and loading condition.


Bidirectional converter; Cascaded H-bridge inverter; Energy storage; Multilevel inverter; Stand-alone PV system;

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