An intelligent irrigation system based on internet of things (IoT) to minimize water loss

Samar Amassmir, Said Tkatek, Otman Abdoun, Jaafar Abouchabaka


This paper proposes a comparison of three machine learning algorithms for a better intelligent irrigation system based on internet of things (IoT) for differents products. This work's major contribution is to specify the most accurate algorithm among the three machine learning algorithms (k-nearest neighbors (KNN), support vector machine (SVM), artificial neural network (ANN)). This is achieved by collecting irrigation data of a specific products and split it into training data and test data then compare the accuracy of the three algorithms. To evaluate the performance of our algorithm we built a system of IoT devices. The temperature and humidity sensors are installed in the field interact with the Arduino microcontroller. The Arduino is connected to Raspberry Pi3, which holds the machine learning algorithm. It turned out to be ANN algorithm is the most accurate for such system of irrigation. The ANN algorithm is the best choice for an intelligent system to minimize water loss for some products.


Arduino; Intelligent; IoT; Irrigation; Raspberry Pi3;

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