Designing a secure campus network and simulating it using Cisco packet tracer

Alaa H. Ahmed, Mokhaled N. A. Al-Hamadani


The network is a massive part of life today. It participates not only on one side of life but in nearly every station, especially in educational organizations. The key aim of education is to share data and knowledge, making the network important for education. In particular, it is essential to ensure the exchange of information; thus, no one can corrupt it. To safe and trustworthy transfers between users, integrity and reliability are crucial questions in all data transfer problems. Therefore, we have developed a secure campus network (SCN) for sending and receiving information among high-security end-users. We created a topology for a campus of multi networks and virtual local area networks (VLANs’) using cisco packet tracer. We also introduced the most critical security configurations, the networking used in our architecture. We used a large number of protocols to protect and accommodate the users of the SCN scheme.


IP addresses; Network; Security; Trunk; VLAN

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