Blockchain adoption barriers in Moroccan sustainable supply chain: a proposed approach

Abdesadik Bendarag, Omar Boutkhoum, Driss Abada, Mohamed Hanine


Currently, the emerging countries like Morocco seeks to benefit from the potential of blockchain technology to meet its various growing demands, especially in sustainable supply chain management (SSCM). This explains the need for more effort to understand blockchain implementation and identify the barriers influencing the blockchain adoption decision in SSCM, especially, from Moroccan industry and service sectors perspective. In this context, this research paper proposes a group decision-making approach to identify the barriers from a comprehensive literature search, then evaluate them based on intuitionistic fuzzy analytic hierarchy process (IFAHP). Due to the varied importance of the selected barriers, IFAHP is utilized to allocate priority weights for each barrier according to its importance level. The evaluation results reveal that “Government policy and support” and “Challenges in integrating sustainable practices and blockchain technology through sustainable supply chain management (SCM)” are the best ranked barriers that impact the implementation of blockchain technology in Moroccan context. The main objective is to inquire the barriers preventing the blockchain implementation, and assist industry decision-makers in developing supple short- and long-term decision-making strategies for better sustainable supply chain management.


Blockchain; Document security systems; Intuitionistic fuzzy analytic hierarchy process; Sustainable supply chain;

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