Performance of similarity explicit group iteration for solving 2D unsteady convection-diffusion equation

Nur Afza Mat Ali, Jumat Sulaiman, Azali Saudi, Nor Syahida Mohamad


In this paper, a similarity finite difference (SFD) solution is addressed for thetwo-dimensional (2D) parabolic partial differential equation (PDE), specifically on the unsteady convection-diffusion problem. Structuring the similarity transformation using wave variables, we reduce the parabolic PDE into elliptic PDE. The numerical solution of the corresponding similarity equation is obtained using a second-order central SFD discretization schemeto get the second-order SFD approximation equation. We propose a four-point similarity explicit group (4-point SEG) iterative methodasa numericalsolution of the large-scale and sparse linear systems derived from SFD discretization of 2D unsteady convection-diffusion equation (CDE). To showthe 4-point SEG iteration efficiency, two iterative methods, such as Jacobiand Gauss-Seidel (GS) iterations, are also considered. The numerical experiments are carried out using three different problems to illustrate our proposed iterative method's performance. Finally, the numerical results showed that our proposed iterative method is more efficient than the Jacobiand GS iterations in terms of iteration number and execution time.


Convection - diffusion equation; Partial differential equation; Similarity explicit group; Similarity finite difference; Similarity solution

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