Performance evaluation of NB-IoT in-band deployment mode in suburban area

Karina Turzhanova, Sergey Konshin, Valery Tikhvinskiy, Alexandr Solochshenko


There given to discuss the study results about one of three deployment scenarios performance (in-band deployment mode) of the narrow-band internet of things (NB-IoT) technology. The study is carrying out with help of simulation modeling and experimental testing of the main network parameters, namely: radio coverage, network capacity, user experience, and their dependencies on each other. Comparison of the results of a physical experiment and simulation modeling shows their high convergence and confirms the adequacy of the applied testing methodology. As a case scenario provided an example of NB-IoT implementation on a 4G mobile network in the 800 MHz band, in a suburban area for remote metering applications. The article presents the applying testing methodology of NB-IoT that adapted to the local conditions of radio network planning. Based on the obtained data, adducing the main conclusions about the feasibility of using an in-band scenario for deploying NB-IoT on a 4G network in a suburban environment.


In-band mode; LTE; NB-IoT; Network performance; QoS

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