Smart actuator for IM speed control with F28335 DSP application

Abidaoun H. Shallal, Assaad F. Nashee, Aws Ezzaldeen Abbas


In the industrial application, the induction motors (IMs) and the digital signal processing (ZQ28335) combination are very important in the scientific field. Two thirds of consumption of electricity is due to motor driven equipment. The direct torque control (DTC) is the standard of the industry and it has fast response control system applications. The drawback of DTC is the flux and torque ripples in the measurements. The scalar control can be considered as a solution to this drawback but with poor response. Torque and speed of IM are controlling individually, the variable speed drive (VSDs) is used. This occurs with variation of the voltage and frequency of IM supply. To decrease the levels of flux and torque ripples, 3-level inverters represent an attractive technique. The compromise of a huge flux and torque at the beginning level and low values at steady state of operation is crucial to ensure better stability with feedback linearization of the nonlinear behavior. In this paper, VSD with DTC IM with multilevel inverter with the newest version of ZQ28335 digital signal processor (DSP) is proposed. Emulation and the results of experiment through DSP ZQ28335 make certain correct dynamic response to the operations of torque and flux.


3-level inverter; DTC controller; Flux controller; Speed control; VSD drive;

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