Knowledge discovery in manufacturing datasets using data mining techniques to improve business performance

Amani Gomaa Shaaban, Mohamed Helmy Khafagy, Mohamed Abbas Elmasry, Heba El-Beih, Mohamed Hasan Ibrahim


Recently due to the explosion in the data field, there is a great interest in the data science areas such as big data, artificial intelligence, data mining, and machine learning. Knowledge gives control and power in numerous manufacturing areas. Companies, factories, and all organizations owners aim to benefit from their huge; recorded data that increases and expands very quickly to improve their business and improve the quality of their products. In this research paper, the knowledge discovery in databases (KDD) technique has been followed, “association rules” algorithms “Apriori algorithm”, and “chi-square automatic interaction detection (CHAID) analysis tree” have been applied on real datasets belonging to (Emisal factory). This factory annually loses tons of production due to the breakdowns that occur daily inside the factory, which leads to a loss of profit. After analyzing and understanding the factory product processes, we found some breakdowns occur a lot of days during the product lifecycle, these breakdowns affect badly on the production lifecycle which led to a decrease in sales. So, we have mined the data and used the mentioned methods above to build a predictive model that will predict the breakdown types and help the factory owner to manage the breakdowns risks by taking accurate actions before the breakdowns happen.


Apriori algorithm; Association rules; CHAID tree analysis; Crises management; Data mining; Knowledge discovery in databases technique; Manufacturing datasets;

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