Future smart grid communication-deployment of IoT: opportunities and challenges

Payal Soni, J. Subhashini


India’s electrical power system grid also known as the power grid is serving us from a very long time. In this duration, there were no major developments or changes reported in the power grid system. Electrical power consumer demand is increasing drastically and the present grid system is not able to fulfil these emerging requirements. To fulfil the requirements of future power load, we need a modified system which has to be reliable, secure, intelligent and efficient. By converting the power grid into the smart grid will be a promising solution for adopting the above properties. Communication Infrastructure is a major part of the smart grid. The end-user can reduce their expenditure on electricity demand by using smart home appliance, to keep away from the rush hours and also make use of the renewable energy instead from utility, is a great example of deployment of internet of things (IoT) in grid communication. In this paper, we have provided a survey of different communication technology, applications, benefits and challenges in communication infrastructure, spatially IoT.


Communication technology; IoT; Smart grid; Smart meter

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DOI: http://doi.org/10.11591/ijeecs.v23.i1.pp14-22


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