Live to learn: learning rules-based artificial neural network

Aseel Shakir I. Hilaiwah, Hanan Abed Alwally Abed Allah, Basim Akhudir Abbas, Tole Sutikno


An extensive review of the artificial neural network (ANN) is presented in this paper. Previous studies review the artificial neural network (ANN) based on the approaches (algorithms) used or based on the types of the artificial neural network (ANN). The presented paper reviews the ANN based on the goal of the ANN (methods, and layers), which become the main objective of this paper. As a famous artificial intelligent model, ANN mimics the human nervous system in handling the information transmited by different nodes (also known as neurons) in this model. These nodes are stacked in layers and work collectively to bring about solution to complex problems. Numerous structures exist for ANN and each of these structures is designed to addressa a specific task. Basically, the ANN architecture is comprised of 3 different layers wherein the first layer rpresents the input layer that consist of several input nodes that represent the input parameterfor the model. The hidden layer is te second layer and consists of a hidden layer of neurons. The neurons in this layer are directly connected to the neurons in the output layer. The third layer is the output layer which is the models’ response layer. The output layer neurons have the activation functions for the calculation of the ANN final output. The connection between the nodes in the ANN model is mediated by synaptic weights. This paper is a comprehensive study of ANN models and their layers.


Artificial neural networks; Deep learning; Lifelong learning; Neural network; Training

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