Intrusion detection system based on machine learning techniques

Musaab Riyadh, Dina Riadh Alshibani


Recently, the data flow over the internet has exponentially increased due to the massive growth of computer networks connected to it. Some of these data can be classified as a malicious activity which cannot be captured by firewalls and anti-malwares. Due to this, the intrusion detection systems are urgent need in order to recognize malicious activity to keep data integrity and availability. In this study, an intrusion detection system based on cluster feature concepts and KNN classifier has been suggested to handle the various challenges issues in data such as in complete data, mixed-type and noise data. To streng then the proposed system a special kind of patterns similarity measures are supported to deal with these types of challenges. The experimental results show that the classification accuracy of the suggested system is better than K-nearest neighbor (KNN) and support vector machine classifiers when processing incomplete data set, inspite of droping down the overall detection accuracy.


Cluster feature; Incomplete data; Intrusion detection system; KNN; Loose cluster

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